Our annual Recital is held at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. Ruth Eckerd Hall is a first class performance venue with wonderful facilities for both the audience and the performers. Our students get an inside look into the work that goes on behind the scenes in a theater production, and the opportunity to perform on a professional stage.

The preceding months of dance education and instruction culminate in this wonderful event which allows our students to present their accomplishments in dance. This is an exciting day, leaving everyone involved - including mom and dad - with a sense of satisfaction and terrific memories. The recital takes months of preparation and dedication. Consistent class attendance is essential for a successful performance.

There are two dress rehearsals; one at our studio, and the second at Ruth Eckerd Hall. This familiarizes all dancers with a formal production and helps them feel as comfortable as possible when Recital day arrives. These dress rehearsals are not open for observation, so as to minimize distractions for our dancers.

A detailed Recital Information Pamphlet will be emailed to each student, posted at the studio, and made available on this page in the months leading up to the Recital. This Pamphlet will contain details about rehearsal and Recital days, as well as hair and makeup requirements for the performance.

Typically, the Recital is the Saturday or Sunday following the last day of school in Pinellas County; however due to the Hall’s availability, the date may vary. Please check our calendar for all confirmed rehearsal and Recital dates.


Recital Tickets

Tickets go on sale approximately one month before the recital. Please check our calendar for the exact date.

Sales tax, facility and service fees will be added to ticket prices.

Note: Tickets go on sale in-person at Ruth Eckerd Hall, and via phone, on a Saturday. They are available online the next day.


Recital Costumes

Suncoast needs to allow plenty of time for recital costumes to arrive, so they are purchased well in advance of the show date. Costume fees are due in mid-October. The costumes typically begin to arrive in early April.

Please do not allow your dancer to wear their costume except for on Individual Picture, Dress Rehearsal, and Recital days, as we cannot purchase replacement costumes on short notice.


Individual Photos: On a scheduled day prior to the Recital, a professional photographer comes to the studio to take individual dancer photographs. This service is optional. If you would like your dancer’s individual photograph taken, a sign-up sheet will be available at the studio. Forms to purchase the individual photographs will be available at the studio when photo day arrives. Any photos that you order will be mailed directly to your home. With respect for the photographer’s time and equipment, no personal camera or cell-phone photos are allowed at the photo-shoot.

Class Photos: During the Studio Dress Rehearsal, each class of dancers is photographed together in costume. Forms to purchase the class photographs will be available at the studio. Should you wish to purchase a class photograph, photo forms, accompanied by payment, should be sent with your dancer to the studio on the day of the Studio Dress Rehearsal, to be given to the photographer at the time of their class photo. Any photos that you order will be mailed directly to your home.


Video Taping

Video taping of the Recital is allowed from your seat only.

Please no flash photography, as it is dangerous for the dancers.

The Recital is also professionally recorded. Forms to purchase the Recital DVD will be available at the studio prior to the Recital. The DVD is available for pick-up at the studio approximately 4-6 weeks after the Recital. As we begin preparations for the Recital, we will have the previous year’s DVD available for preview.


I teach at a studio in my college town and they just completed their recital. I can’t even begin to explain to you how chaotic, disorganized, and unprofessional it was. I now FULLY understand how much effort goes into putting on a show like that, and how you went above and beyond the norm. Suncost recitals really were professional productions and you paid so much attention to little details that made all the difference. From dress rehearsals, to costume consistencies, to recital programs, to the pick up/drop off system, to the venue... I could go on for days, honestly. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us such wonderful experiences with recital each year, and for continuously raising the bar. You really are exceptional. Thank you again.
— former student